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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Basics

This guide is intended to help faculty who are interested in integrating open educational resources into their courses and classrooms.

What is OER?

The Colorado Open Educational Resources Council in their November 2017 report states: "Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely available online teaching and learning materials accessible to students, instructors and self-learners. Contained in digital media collections from around the world, examples of OER include full courses, lectures, quizzes, classroom activities, pedagogical materials and many other assets."

Why should I use OER in my course?

Faculty benefits

  • Customize your course content - remix content from multiple resources to suit your course needs
  • Avoid issues with students not being able to immediately access their textbook
  • Support students by reducing their costs
  • Provide equitable access to required content
  • Control updates

Student benefits

  • College and student success become more affordable
  • Equitable opportunities to succeed
  • Access textbooks on day 1 of course (or before) and access the textbook after the course ends
  • Improves end of course grades and reduces DFW grades for all students [1]
  • Improves course grades and decrease DFW rates at greater rates for students who receive Pell grants, part-time students and populations historically underserved by higher education [1]

This material was adapted from content created by Concordia University Libraries, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License at Open Educational Resources.

[1] “The Impact of Open Educational Resource on Various Success Metrics”:

How do I get started?

Getting Started with OER - Set Aside Time - Start with Course Objectives - Explore Existing Content - As for Help

OER Champions at RRCC

These OER Champions are at various stages in adopting OER and are a valuable on-campus resource.

Brandon English

Criminal Justice
Christopher D. Zaleski

Janiece Kneppe
Jenning Prevatte

Leah Rogin-Roper

Foreign Languages
Meredith Hibit
Brian Yates

Brenda Forland

Psychology/Social Work
Amy Buckingham
Keith Swain

Theatre Arts & Dance
Kelly Jo Eldredge

Karen Neville, Library Director, Open Education Ambassador

Creative Commons License
Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) Library Research Guide on Open Educational Resources (OER) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.